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November 26, 2008

New Site

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Hey guys! I got some Good News for me but might be Bad News for you. Im gonna move to another blog. I will not be posting here no more. I will be going to this blog.









I will be posting at that site. So go there. But really I don’t care about hits or how long I have been working on my site. All I care about is keeping you guys updated with these cheats.



November 5, 2008

Clothing Catalog Spoiler 08′

Hey guys, there will be a awesome Catalog coming on Friday. With some Winter Clothes because Winter is just around the corner! Here is a Sneak Peek of this month’s Clothing Catalog and there will be more wigs in the Wig Catalog.



New Theme-Dojo Ninjas-and Fire Works

Hey guys, I changed the Theme back because it had the most votes. Then at the Dojo you could see more ninjas! Heres how.

First Click where the Siver Box is.


Then you should see Ninjas jmping around, here is a picture of it.


Next, the Fire Works are looking good. You could view them at the Ice Berg or the SKi Hill.



November 3, 2008

7,000 Hits Almost Reached!

Hey guys, as you could see. Were almost to 7,000 Hits! Maybe if I reached 7,000 hits, we could have a Clubpenguin Party πŸ˜€ . So lets reach 7,000 hits and by the time were almost there I will put up information.

Also Click Here to see the Dojo Cheats

And vote here for a Theme.


Dojo Damaged

Hey guys, looks like the Dojo is Damaged and its been under the Snow this whole time! The Dojo was a secret room but not no more, and also the map has changed.

If you go to the Dojo, you could get the free item which is the Hard Hat, you could get it if you haven’t got it yet.

Then, if you go upstairs, you will go on top of the Dojo! There’s also a strange man help digging out the Dojo.Β 

He looks like a japanese person and maybe even a Ninja! You could click his Player Card but he has nothing, his name seems to be ??????. Also none of these items have been on Clubpenguin except the Shovel, so maybe these items will be released soon, and have you seen the Penguin’s color? Looks like the Color Silver! Maybe this color will be out soon to! πŸ˜€

And don’t forget to Vote below of what the Theme should be:


November 2, 2008

Poll and New Stuff

Hey guys, just a quick post. Should I stick with the Theme I have right now or The New Black And White Theme? Answer on this poll:

Also, do you got any suggestions of what New Pages I could put on here? If so just comment below.


November 1, 2008

Ninja’s Seen In Dojo.

Hey guys, Have you heard about the Ninjas in the Dojo? I have since the first day of Halloween 08′. At first I didn’t care about it, but now I seemed to get into it when I was all by myself in the Dojo. At first I was doing Snap Shots but everytime Lightning flashed I missed the Ninja, So I recorded it with my Recording Program, then I took Snap Shots off of that. So here is some Pictures I got.

This one looks like hes just Waddling around.

He or She is just hiding from me πŸ˜‰ .

I took this one when it was dark.

Now this one is awkward, this one came in the Dojo but if you look at the shape really closely, the shape looks like a fish. Don’t it? I have no idea πŸ˜‰ .

This is just another Ninja looking around.

This Ninja is one thats just in the dark.

Hoped you like this, if you have any comments about anything just comment below.


2 CPMV and Other Stuff

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Hey guys, I made 2 New Clubpenguin Music Videos, Here they are.

Brass Monkey- Beastie Boy

Gordo520’s Clubpenguin Buddy List, October 08′

( Note: Please Subscribe and rate by Click the Video’s)

Also I got me another Membership for my Penguin πŸ˜€ .



October 30, 2008

Clubpenguin Halloween 08′ Cheats

Hey guys, Gordo520 here. Sorry for not posting lately, I was really busy. Halloween has came back to Clubpenguin, lets start with the free item.

The Free Item is the Pumpkin Basket located at the Snow Forts.

Now you guys ready to go Trick Or Treating? I bet you do so here is some cheats if your figuring out where the CandyΒ is.

Now, if you want to know what items you got then Click the Right-Top Corner.

OK, First go to the Snow Forts and Click the Blue Flag for the Chocolate Bar which is Candy #1.

For Candy # 2, go to The Dance Lounge and Click the Lamp for the Candy Corn.

For Candy #3, go to The Ski Lodge Attic and Click the Box to get the Red Lollipop.

For Candy #4, go to The Plaza and Click the Witch’s Pot Bubbles to get the Pink Candy.

For Candy #5, go to the Cove and Click the Caution Sign so it could go up on the Surf Shack.

And then the Pumpkin Candy should be on the Surf Shack.

For Candy #6, go to the Ice Berg and Click the Eastern-Northern lights for the Box.

For Candy #7, go to the Lighthouse Beacon and Click the Sky 3 times, and it should flash. When you do that, in the Pumpkin’s Eye, there is a Carmel Apple.

For the Last Candy, go to the Book Room and Click the Book on top of the Book Shelf to get the Tootsie Roll, I think?

After you found all the Candy’s, Click Claim Prize.

Then you should get a Giant Pumpkin Background πŸ˜€ !

OK, now there is a room just for Member’s. Just go to the Book Room and under Candy #8 there should be a Green Candle.

There should be a Secret Passage below that and go in there, you should see another Free Item which is a latern.

Go to it, and you should get the Lantern, and when you put it on it Lights Up!

Well that’s all, hoped you liked the Halloween Party.


October 25, 2008

Clubpenguin 3rd Anniversity and Cheats

Hey guys, the 3 Year Party Hat of Clubpenguin came out today.

To get the Party Hat, go to the coffee shop, then click on the fan to blow away the top of the cake off.

Then click the Hat to get it. Remember in 2 years or so its gonna be rare πŸ˜‰ .

The Blue Apron is in the Coffee Shop to.

If you dance with the Blue Apron on, you could make a Snow Cone.

Go upstairs in the Coffee Shop to go see the New Clubpenguin Book.

For the New Pin, just go upstairs in the Night Club.

Also, if you got the Code from Toys’ R’ Us or from the book. Then you could enter the Code by going to Clubpenguin orΒ Click Here. First Click the Top-Right Corner where the coin is.

Then Click what penguin you want to use it on.Β 

Then Click either you got the code from a book or you want to enter the code you got from Toys’ R’ Us

If you click I have the Code then you must enter the code you got from the box.

Enter the code from the box you got.

If you got the book and click I have the book, then you must answer a question and look for it in the book to get a point.

If you got these correct then you should see in the corner that you got so and so points.

After you unlock the items it should say Congratulation youv’e unlocked:

When you play clubpenguin then you should have the items.

Click Here to see the Items if you want to see them.

Well thats all bye!


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